Busy Winter

December 15, 2010

I’m in the midst prepping for my first major solo show at the BlackBook Gallery in Denver, but wanted to share some other details about some great things happening in 2011.

First, with some more shows and happenings.

I’ve been invited to participate in Stencil World, in St. Louis. Details are still coming in, but it seems that this will be a great show with some amazing artists from around the country and world. C215, HAHA, Peat Wollaeger/stenSOUL, Chris Stain, Adam 5100, Jeff Aerosol are just some of the names and more keep coming in. Peat Wollager, is a good friend, and fellow stencil head who has an original an unique style that I love. He’s been doing a lot of work to get this off the ground, and I’ll happily be making the trip down there for some painting and stenciling. This show will be a part of the SCG International Conference, and there will be tons of awesome art in St. Louis over that weekend. Weather permitting, I will be doing some of my first installations on outside walls, so I am hoping all goes well.

Reception: 7-11p, March 18
On View: March 17-20
Location: Gallery AM – Art Monster, 2617 Cherokee St.

Additionally, I’ll be doing one of my first screen prints with 1XRun (www.1xrun.com). These guys operate the 323East Gallery in Royal Oak, MI and have a great new website set up to start running a great new concept. Can’t wait to start working on this.

Finally, with under 6 weeks left, work is proceeding nicely for my solo show Reconstructed, at the BlackBook Gallery in Denver. I plan on bringing about 20 new and original works, as well as doing some installations, and hopefully a mural. Given the chance to work with an awesome gallery like this, I plan on doing some things I’ve always wanted to do, and making the best use of all of my opportunities. If all goes well, hopefully there will be a few limited edition screen prints too, but no promises. Work from this show will be online, and I’ll be posting pictures of some of the available works beforehand.

I’ll begin uploading some teasers and progress pictures in the coming days, as soon as I get time to download from my camera.